Reading Metrics

I've always maintained that, as a book nerd and maths class drop out, I naturally shy away from all things numbers - but the truth is that I love statistics and how they feed into my obsessive record keeping tendencies. I say this because this week I added the 750th book into my book archive... which sounds impressive, but is, in reality, simply an excel sheet which I use as a huge table (because I don't really know how to use excel) of all the books I've read.

I had always intended to do more with this file that I so carefully update with each and every book that I read - or remember reading from my younger days - but I never quite knew what it was that I wanted to do. I can tell you how many books I've read each year for the past four years, as well as the number of pages, but still, I went looking for more. I have spent the past week googling my heart out, looking for an interface that provided what I was searching for - I truly thought there would be the perfect app or website out there that would cater to my weird book nerd statistic kick. Sadly I found nothing.

Then I thought to myself, 'Self, remember when, once upon a time, you could just ask on your book blog and someone, somewhere, would have a suggestion, or at the very least would commiserate with you? Why did you let that go?'

Then I felt down in a nerdy blogger kind of way.

So I'm here, on bended knee (well, not really, cause I'm too comfortable to move, plus the cat would glare at me), asking for your insights. Anyone?