Blogging Leave of Absense

Unfortunately, time for book blogging has been rare lately. With prac throughout October and my intention to participate in NaNoWriMo in November things have been ragged. As such, I'll be going to be on light mode until November is over, but will be back come December and will no doubt be chanting at the bit for some nice relaxing reading and reviewing.
Until then, I'll leave it off with a challenge update. Nothing like depressing myself with how behind I am before I run off to get even further behind.
Initials Reading Challenge (November 30)
1/5 - I'll give it a go, but it's probably a right-off
100+ Reading Challenge
89/100 - probably fine
A-Z Reading Challenge (Dec 31st)
40/52 books read - hopefully doable
Mythopoeic Challenge (Dec 31st)
2/7 - hmm. Probably not.
Arthurian Challenge (March 2009)
11/12 - The minimum only calls for five items, so I'm technically done, but I think I can handle one more book.
Book Awards Challenge (June 1, 2009)
1/10 - no problem
42 Challenge (ongoing through 2009)
21/42 items completed - no problem

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Serena said...

good luck with nano!