Literary Lusts: Friedrich Bhaer

Mr Darcy
Literary Lusts is a meme hosted by Elena over at With Extra Pulp, wherein we discuss any literary characters we may have had developed a crush on.
Sometimes – okay, ALL the time – I forget to post my responses to memes, especially when they don’t, quite handily, have the day in the title. This is  why I’m doing the Literary Lust post today, instead of yesterday.
This is my third post on this subject, and I’m a little concerned that I haven’t run out of people yet…

Friedrich Bhaer
from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women

I know he’s not a major character (not right away, at least) but think about it. He’s a well-learned, extraordinarily kind and gentle man. He’s wonderful with children, believes in honesty, and has an accent to boot. He not only puts up with Jo’s temperamental ways, but actually loves her all the more, and compliments her so well. At the risk of being pelted with tomatoes, I was never disappointed that Jo turned Laurie down – I knew she would find her Friedrich.
You’ve got to love a kindly literature-nerd*.
When it comes to movie adaptions of Little Women, there are of course several Friedrichs**, but my favourite will also be the version of my generation: Gabriel Byrne. Really, would you turn down this man:

* My love for Friedrich is in no way connected to my long-standing wish to be Jo. No. Never. Not at all.
** In looking for Professor Bhaer pictures I discovered that William Shatner and John de Lancie were in a production of Little Women together, as Friedrich Bhaer and Frank Vaughn respectively. This makes the nerd in me very happy … and very giggly.

Professor Bhaer


Elena said...

I know, I'm sorry (about the day thing), there are no days of the week that start with 'L'. :(

(Also, you've got 'from Louisa May Alcott's To Kill A Mockingbird' instead of Little Women).

Anyway, I guess Friedrich isn't so bad, I would've liked him a lot more if I wasn't so attached to Laurie in such a big way. And Gabriel Byrne makes a fiiiine Friedrich ;)

Kim said...

Hi Rebecca--I would love it if you asked my question on MM next week!

Kim said...

I forgot how much I loved that 1994 version. Can it really have been that long ago that it was released?
Thanks for smiles--

Erin said...

OK, I can't say that I ever thought about him like that, but now that you mention it, especially as he is developed in Little Men, I can see it.

I still adore Laurie, but that may be more to do with how much I loved Peter Lawford than the character. ;)

Allie said...

I actually just finished Little Women, so what a fitting post!
Although, it is really hard to picture William Shatner in the role...even though that is pretty awesome!

Alex the Girl said...

Oh...yes. I have to agree!

Jenners said...

I'm sorry .. I'm just a Laurie girl myself!