‘Best’ books

booksI try to reply to comments directly through email, but not everyone who commented on my last post had attached emails, and enough people made the same/similar comment that I thought I’d do a follow up post.

I’d certainly agree with you that the books on the Dymocks Booklover list are not the ‘best’ books – I think we can all agree that if we were to compile our own list (now there’s an idea), that Twilight would not be in top billing.

For those not in the know, the Dymocks list is compiled mostly by (I believe) the VIP customers/members. Each year a poll is set up on the Dymocks website where you can submit your all time favourite book. This data is collated and used to formulate the this.

Unfortunately ‘favourite’ and ‘best’ do not always coincide – I’m sure we all have at least one chicklit-y, escapist book amongst our favourites!

But why don’t you start thinking about what you consider to be the ‘best’ books – come up with your top five. Start thinking now – I plan to make it next week’s MM.


reederreads said...

I'm with you, I would NOT include any of the Twlight series!

Mari said...

You might know this but I couldn't agree more :)

Some of my favorites read recently (in the last year) are: Still Alice, The Weight of Heaven, Brooklyn: a novel, The Blue Notebook, Her Fearful Symmetry,The Heretic's Daughter and The Last Song (to through in a sappy title).

I'm bringing all light chic-lit on vacation tomorrow so I do read the light/fun books too!