Online Reading

Being the start of a new year, I naturally compiled my years reading stats for 2011. The thing that stood out for me more than anything is the huge decrease in my reading numbers. Not just in total books read - I knew that already, knew that my reading time had more than halved. But my page numbers count is still less than I would have expected.

So I started thinking about what would count for this. And the answer was obvious: that darn pesky internet worming it's way in. How many hours do I spend reading blogs, travel articles, journals for uni, and yes, biggest of all for me: fanfiction. How many pages upon pages do I read here. These never make it onto my reading count as I have never counted it as 'reading'.

This year I've decided to roughly track just how much I read online (forgoing things like twitter, facebook and the like). And you know what? I read a heck of a lot of online data! Given that most printed pages of a paperback book have an average of 350 words per page, I have already read... wait for it...

683 pages of online data

That's a whole book! And a rather large one at that. I'll continue with this study to see what it numbers out to at the end of the year - I'm really rather curious!

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