Sensitive Creatures - Mandy Ord

Sometimes I’m a little slow to see the huge benefits of any given situation, but when I get there I sure do enjoy it. I started my new job as a Teacher Librarian (finally, yay!) at the beginning of the school year and, until now, have been so busy trying to get my feet under me and figure things out that it wasn’t until today, five weeks in, that it clicked to me that hey, it’s Friday, and grabbing a nice little pile of books on the way out the door for some weekend reading is pretty much going to be a standing arrangement. So yes. Bring on the good times.

Title: Sensitive Creatures
Author: Mandy Ord
Published: 2011
Pages: 296

It’s nice when a randomly selected book turns out to be a pleasant read. I grabbed this one off the shelf as I left work today and spent quite the pleasant afternoon flicking through it on the lounge.

Australian artist, Mandy Ord, uses her quirky artistic style to paint a portrait of the everyday. With no over-arching plot, Sensitive Creatures is a collection of comics that celebrate life’s daily minutia – walking the dog, people who drive too fast, weird smells. Peppered throughout, however, is a sense of anxiety and the ways in which it can permeate a life. While far from the key theme of the collection, it was true and honest and, for me, was what made the novel.

I found Ord’s art interestingly unlike any other graphic novel I’ve ever read. I’m not sure if it’s actually lino-print or just highly reminiscent of them, but it added a strange grittiness that added to the everyday feel of the collection. It was a quick read, but an enjoyable one and I’d recommend it for anyone who’d like a gentle meander through some relatable moments. 5/5

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