Ever start a series only to have things come up before you can get to the rest?

Got a pile of books next to your bed you’ve been meaning to get to to finish one off?

Signed up for a series challenge that you haven’t quite managed to fit in yet?

Sign up for Galleysmith’s Seriespalooza!




For the week starting December 14  through December 20 I’ll be holding Seriespalooza, where participants will read only books in a series they are either currently reading or are wanting to start.  It’s a relaxed affair where you can read at your leisure so there isn’t any pressure. It’s just a great excuse to dip into the pile of books you want to read instead of those you may have scheduled to read as a result of other obligations.

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Michelle said...

YAY! I'm excited you're going to join in. I'm very much looking forward to digging further into some of the books I've been meaning to get to but kept putting off for no good reason. :)