42-ing again

I signed up for Becky’s 42 Challenge last year and, I have to say, I enjoyed it so much that it felt like I was cheating. Sci-fi – watching it, writing it, talking about it – is such a huge part of my life that I practically completed the challenge in my sleep.

So when the challenge was being run again this year, I knew I was definitely going to to do it again. But I decided to give myself a few restrictions on it this year. Any sci-fi items that made it onto my list last year is not allowed on it this year – no doubling up for me. Also, I’ve decided that I’m only allowing NEW to me texts onto the list – if I’ve seen/read/listened to it before, it can’t count.

As always, any suggestions would be happily welcomed!

42 Challenge

1. Aliens vs. Monsters. Directed by Conrad Vernon and Rob Letterman. (2009)

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