Terry Pratchett Challenge

Terry Pratchett Challenge 

I discovered Terry Pratchett and the wonder that is Discworld about eighteen months ago and I powered through the first four or five books. Then, as is often the way with longer series, I got sidetracked by more pretty books.

So I’m aiming at the Academic of the Unseen University level of this challenge (6-8 books) – partly because it’s a good number and partly cause, well, I want to go play in the Unseen University library!


Magpie said...

Welcome to the world of Pratchett.

Out of curiosity, which ones have you read so far?

Marg said...

Welcome to the challenge Rebecca!

Francesca said...

Oh dear. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I complete this challenge every year and will probably complete it this year by April. I do an awful lot of re-reading TP. But if I can make it official, then I don't have to be a lazy good-for-nothing but an Achiever! Yes!!

Anonymous said...

I would recommend two of Pratchett's more recent books - 'Going Postal' and 'Making Money'. The protagonist of these, Moist von Lipwig, is a new character and very entertaining. Plus, the beauty of reading Pratchett's recent work means that the jokes make you laugh so much more, because you realise just how topical they are :)