Library Days

I’ve been most quiet on the blogging front of late, as I’ve found regular work at the local high school, but I thought I’d take the chance to tell you all what I’ve been up to. Why? Because this week I’ve been working in the library!

I’m teaching at my old high school, so though I’m English trained, and don’t actually start my library training until next month, they’re being very kind to me and letting me cover for the librarian when she’s away. I’m coming to teaching with mixed emotions (let’s just say my childhood ideals were quite neatly dashed), but my days in the library are … *sigh* wonderful.

The librarian is very enthusiastic in her duties and so the library is a lovely one to work in with quite a nice little community of readers among the students with whom I’m becoming acquainted.

I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow when the “Reading Cafe” meets tomorrow. This is like a reading club that the kids can apply to, and they meet of a recess and lunch and have a hot chocolate and a biscuit as they read. I’m playing host tomorrow and so am very excited (wish I had this at school!). Now, off to pick what book to take with me…

Philip D Armour Philip D Armour Elementary School
(how cute is this library?!)


Marie said...

congratulations & best of luck! how wonderful. i hope your training goes well and that you continue to enjoy your work!

cutlex said...

I noticed this greatly - you have been terribly silent. Nevertheless, I'm happy you're having a good time in the real world!

By the way, that library is making me drool.

Lisa said...

Ohh you have a lovely library! I'm so jealous! I can't do anything with mine since my sup won't agree with good changes :(

yours is so homey!

Fiona said...

Sounds fabulous - I am so jealous! I will be finished my librarianship training at the end of the year and I'm still not sure what kind of job I'm looking for.

Live Out Loud said...

Awesome! I wish we had hot chocolate and cookies while we read in school!