Musing Mondays (17/1)

Musing Mondays is hosting by MizB at Should Be Reading

Do you prefer deep, intellectual, “meaty” books… or light, “fluffy” books? Why? Give us an example of your preferred type of book.


As a former English major I feel almost guilty for saying this, but these days I tend to shy away from the deeper more intellectual books. Not to say that I don’t enjoy them, they do have their place (and I’m rather fond of essay collections), but these days, with my reading time being as limited as it is, I really don’t have the time to wade through dense prose on a daily basis.

Having said that, I wouldn’t consider myself a heavily ‘fluff’ reader. I do like a book with a little bit of substance, even if I don’t need a forklift to lift it in the first place. I would imagine that definition of ‘fluff’ would vary from person to person, but I definitely prefer a book with a well thought out plot that will leave me considering it after I’m finished. I don’t like a book that I forget about as soon as I’m done.




On another note: I remember reading somewhere (perhaps last week’s MM, I just can’t remember, sorry) about the blogger who noted that people were signing or marking their library’s romance books to remind them of which they had read. I found this a fascinating practice, and bee lined to the romance section today to see if the practice held in my library and it did! So, to whomever wrote the post, your library is not alone!

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