Weekly Geeks 17

This week's Weekly Geeks is an ongoing one in celebration of Book Bloggers Week. Our task is to post a 'Quote of the Day' for the entire week.
I'm still pretty new to the wonderful world of book-blogging, and, while I was eager to participate in Book Blogger's Week, I didn't really know where to start. Luckily for me, WG has given me a great opportunity to play along.
I've decided to pull out some of my favourite passages from books ... but I'm not going to tell you what they are from. Play along at home and I'll give the person who gets the most right at the end of the week, a prize.*
So I hope you enjoy some of my favourite passages! Check back next Sunday for the answers.
When I am out there, in time, I am inverted, changed into a desperate version of myself. I become a thief, a vagrant, an animal who runs and hides. I startle old women and amaze children. I am a trick, an illusion of the highest order, so incredible that I am actually true.
*I'm thinking a shiny new bookmark.
NOTE: It would be great if you could email me at rebeccajohnson47@gmail.com with your answers (though, please, feel free to comment below) so as to keep your answers to yourself. Thanks!


Debi said...

Well, I don't have a clue where it's from, but it's an awesome quote! And how fun that you turned this into a game!

Book Zombie said...

Terrific quote, I just finished this book and it blew me away.