Weekly Geeks #18

This week's topic is 'catching up' ... which so defines my life at the moment. Catch up, catch up, catch up. If I close my eyes, I may just see the words scrolling across the inside of my eye lids.

I could list the hundred or so things I'm supposed to be catching up on this week for uni or prac, but, in true Rebecca fashion, I am going to pretend they don't exist long enough to write up the bookish catch-up things I need to do. Much more fun.

  • Write up the meeting notes for the last month's book club (I'm running very behind)

  • Read Tim Winton's Cloudstreet for NEXT month's bookclub

  • Write up some reviews for the 42 challenge

  • Start building up a bank of reviews so I have some "emergency posts" for when prac wipes me out in a few weeks time

I think that's about all I have time for this week (*sigh*). If I manage to hit any of those I'll be very happy.


Eva said...

I really want a bank of reviews too! I used to have one....but now the balance is back to zero, lol.

Rebecca said...

I just remember what I was like last time I went on prac - I was dead on my feet. Reviewing was the last thing I wanted to do...

Book Zombie said...

Keeping a bank of reviews handy is a great idea :)