Book Outing

I mentioned yesterday that I was going on a super-secret outing with my cousin, Renae. Well, after remembering to pick up my camera to take some pictures of our fun I forgot to actually take said pictures!

Anyways! After talking about it for months, Renae and I drove up to Glenbrook to visit a new second-hand bookstore run by a retired librarian (come on, wouldn't you want to go if they told you that?). It was completely worth going out in the heat, though in all fairness it asn't as hot as it has been (I think it reached 34 degrees C).

We spent an hour or so wandering around and:

  • if you are a parent/husband/someone: we bought nothing then turned around and drove homeB
  • if you are anyone else: picked out some pretty books and snuck them home ;)
It was actually a really nice little store (which picture WOULD have shown), a decent size with a good range of books. Best of all, it's reasonably easy - revisit!

My happy little pile:

In case it's not readable:
  1. Ya-Yas in Bloom - Rebecca Wells
  2. The Other Boleyn Girl - Phillipa Gregory
  3. Anne of Windy Willows - L.M. Montgomery
  4. Anne's House of Dreams - L.M. Montgomery
  5. Capture the Flag (ST: TNG - Starfleet Academy #4) - John Vornholt
  6. Loyalties (ST: TNG - Starfleet Academy #10) - Patricia Barnes-Svarney
  7. Matilda - Roald Dahl
  8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl
  9. Jessi's Secret Language (Babysitter's Club #16) - Ann M. Martin
  10. Mary-Anne's Bad Luck Mystery (Babysitter's Club #17) - Ann M. Martin
  11. Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

(and for those of you playing at home, I now only need Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside in the green hard back books to compete the Anne of Green Gables set!)


wendy said...

hmmm doesn't LOOK like there's a book buying moratorium...looks more like I-like-it-I'm-buying-it to me.

Diane said...

I can think of nothing more fun than a book outing. Enjoy your finds.

Rebecca said...

Wendy: ssssssh!! Perhaps I should have written parents/husband/Wendy! In the spirit of giving up all the information however, I traded in that many books for credit.

Diane: I will, thanks :)

Kitten said...

Oooh, you have the original "Anne of Windy Willows," which was published in the states under the Windy Poplars title! What a find! Congrats!

Rebecca said...

Kitten: when I read it for the first time I read it under Windy Poplars, but I've been collecting the Anne series in that green edition for a couple of years now - I was very excited to pick up two on the same day.

One Girl's Opinion said...

Rilla if Ingleside was one of my absolute favorites growing up! I looooovvved it.

Happy reading!

Ladytink_534 said...

I loved the Ya-Ya books, The Other Boleyn Girl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and although I can't remember it, I think I read both of the Anne books. I have Matilda but I haven't read it yet. What a great haul!!! I wish there was a used book store around here somwhere :(