Weekly Geeks (2009:04)

Little behind, but better late than never, right?

#1. What are you passionate about besides reading and blogging? Tell us why you're passionate about it. Post photos of what you've made or of yourself doing whatever it is you love doing.

Well as I tend to get a little 'passionate' (read: obsessive) about a lot of things, I'll limit myself to two:

I love science-fiction - reading, watching and writing. I'm a huge fan of Star Trek (all), Stargate (SG:1 and Atlantis), Babylon 5, Firefly, X-Files, and just watched the first two seasons of Andromeda. I

I think the reason I love sci-fi so much is that it was always something that my mother and I did together, just the two of us. I never was a good sleeper, even as a child, and the rule was that I was allowed to get back up as soon as my sister (with whom I shared a room) was asleep. It was then that we would watch Star Trek on late night television.

My other non-reading obsession would have to be crafting. I knit, crochet, patchwork, make jewellry, and dabble in scrapbooking. Why I'm so 'passionate' (again: obsessive) about craft I'm not exactly sure, except that I find it so satisfying to actually create something. Plus, now I have some crafty friends with whom it's always fun to talk with (even if they really shouldn't let me in their craft rooms).
(Okay, there WAS pictures here, but for some reason I couldn't get them to link properly so, head here instead)

#2. Get us involved. Link to tutorials, recipes, Youtube videos, websites, fan sites, etc, anything that will help us learn more about your interest or how to do your hobby. Maybe you'd like to link to another hobbyist whose work you admire or tell us about a book or magazine related to your interest.

Oh, well, as far as craft's concerned, you really can't go past Craftster for any craft, or Ravelry for the knitters.

#3. Visit other Weekly Geeks. Link in your post to other Geeks who've peaked your interest in their passion. Or maybe you might find a fellow afincionado among us, link to them.

Off to look now, will link back once done.


Nymeth said...

A fellow Stargate and Babylon 5 fan! Hello :D

The reason why I try not to let myself get into crafting too much is that then I go overboard with buying supplies I'll probably never use, and that means less money for books :P

Bogsider said...

There are really many crafty bloggers out there :o) One thing I am beginning to really want to learn is scrapbooking. But like Nymeth I am holding myself back a bit so I don't rush out there buying tons of supplies and then loosing interest the minute I "have" to sit down and actually do it ;o)

Tasses said...

Thanks for those two crafty links. I keep a delicious bookmark folder for craft sites & I didn't have either of those!

Maree said...

I used to love Babylon 5 - unfortunately they showed it here at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, so it wasn't always easy to catch up with it. And now I can't find the DVDs but I think I"m going to look a little harder. Love Stargate and Star Trek too :)
Happy Weekly Geeks

Gavin said...

I loved Star Trek and X Files but a good friend turned me on to Firefly and Serenity and they are my all time favorites.

Chris said...

I'll have to check out Crafter. I have a lot of crafty hobbies as well.

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

I love sci-fi! My mom and I watch the original Star Trek together a lot. I'm also a big fan of The X-Files, Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Rikki said...

Another trekker who likes crafting! I still have to watch the last season of Babylon 5, my husband tells me it is the best ending ever in a TV series.