Library Loot (Feb 1)

I feel like I've been in a bit of a reading slump since Christmas - yes I've read books, but I haven't, especially in the past fortnight, REALLY felt like reading. I think I had lost interest in the books I had borrowed out from the library, so I've returned them and maybe I'll come back to them later. Hopefully this will help.

Well, this and my super secret suprise outing tomorrow ;)

Though I love the idea of reading non-fiction books on all the things I wished I knew more about, I rarely ever do. This book caught my idea from it's place on the New Book rack at the library this morning so it came home with me. I actually thought of my friend Wendy when I picked it up, so, Wendy, if it's any good I'll let you know.

I've seen this book reviewed quite a few times over the past couple months, so when I picked it up today - completely by accident, the blue caught my eye - it too went in the bag.

Well, I'm not a mum, but I thought I'd give it a read anyways. I like to be organised... but the truth of the matter is that I'm not, just really good at pretending I am :)

Okay, I'll fess up, I love kids books and I love kids movies, but I HATE to see the movie before I read the book. The person in front of me at the self-return machine had returned this one so I scooped it up.

This cover looks wierd, right? The cover I actually have is even wierder. I have no idea what it's about (it's my mystery book for the week) but the cover and the title won me over.

I think that should be enough to wake me up again!


samantha.1020 said...

These all look really good! I get to a point sometimes where I just need a little break from reading. What a good idea to return your books and just get fresh!

Dani in NC said...

I've gone through this before. A lot of times I am excited about a book when I hear about it, but then I'm not in the mood to read it by the time I request it from the library and then get my hands on it. Sometimes I force myself to read it anyway, but that doesn't work well. If I'm not in the mood to read a book, I either rush through it or let my mood cloud my opinion of it. Sending the book back is the best idea.

Michelle said...

I absolutely adored Before I Die. I read it when I was heavily pregnant and SHOULD HAVE been sleeping, but I just couldn't. I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it.

Stephanie said...

The City of Ember and The City of Dreaming Books are both sitting on my bookshelf right now! They both look strange but interesting.