Weekly Geeks (2009:06)

And Weekly Geeks #2 for today...

For this week's edition of Weekly Geeks, we're going to take a closer look at character names. What are some of your favorite character names?

Go to Google or a baby name site, and look up a favorite character's name. What does their name mean? Do you think the meaning fits the character? Why or why not?

If you'd like, look up your own name as well and share the meaning.

I love it when a character's name meaning suits the actual character. Of course, this week's WG also means I have to decide on favourites...

If you are unfortunate to live in the same house as me, you would know how obsessed I get with fictional characters I love. I'm forever getting in trouble for talking/bribing/yelling at the TV when people don't do things the way I think they should, and I frequently start a story about someone only for my sister to break in halfway through and say - "Is this a REAL person, or someone from a book?"

Needless to say, making a list of my favourites, is a tall order. So, in order to cover myself, I'll say that these are SOME of my favourite characters, and in no particular order.

Josephine March from Little Women
Feminised form of Joseph. From the Hebew 'Yosef', meaning "he will add"

I'm not really sure if I can draw a connection there. I mean, you could if you wanted to, but it's not an obvious one.

Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice
From 'Elisabet', the Greek from of Hebrew 'Elisheva' meaning "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance".

Again... not so sure. If you can make a connection, please, let me know.

Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables
Okay, had to follow a bit of a link trail for this one.

French form of 'Anna' > which is a Latinate form of 'Hannah' > from the Hebrew 'Channah' meaning 'favour' or 'grace'.

I'd be happy to say this one connects. Anne certainly has a grace all of her own, her childlike enthusiasm that grows and tempers with her.

Henry DeTamble from The Time Traveler's Wife
From the Germanic 'Heimiric' meaning "home ruler."

Well poor Henry didn't get to do a whole lot of home ruling with his popping in and out like that.

Alice Cullen from Twilight
From the Old French name 'Alis', a short form of 'Adelais', itself a short form of the Germanic name 'Adalheidis' (Adelaide) - which means "noble", "kind, sort, type."

I'd have to say this one fits. The Cullens have a sort of nobility in thir world, and Alice is such a kind heart (yeah, she suckered me in).

Edited to add: My sister just came in so I read her my list and asked her if she thought I had missed anyone, seeing as she's the one who has to deal with my ramblings the most. She just looked at me, dumbfounded, and said "Ah, Sam!"

She makes a good point. The prompt never said the characters had to be from books! So, here's your chance to run away while you still can.

Samantha Carter from Stargate SG:1/Atlantis (awwwww)
Feminine form of 'Samuel', from the Hebrew 'Shemu'el' meaning "name of God" or "God has heard".

I'm trying my hardest NOT to make some God/Goa'uld connection here in fear that people will start throwing things at me. However, I've looked at some other's WG, and Becky mentioned that Amanda (Tapping) means 'one that must be loved, lovable' and I practically swooned (as well as completely agreed about her SJ shippiness). How appropriate! For both character and actor ... okay, yes, I think I've just uncovered the obsession :)

Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager
Well, the site I used was a little conflicted on the meaning of this one, it said:

From the Greek name Αικατερινη (Aikaterine). The etymology is debated: it could derive from the earlier Greek name ‘Εκατερινη (Hekaterine), which came from ‘εκατερος (hekateros) "each of the two"; it could derive from the name of the goddess HECATE; it could be related to Greek αικια (aikia) "torture"; or it could be from a Coptic name meaning "my consecration of your name". In the early Christian era it became associated with Greek καθαρος (katharos) "pure", and the Latin spelling was changed from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this.

So.... take what you will for this one, but I find Kathryn to be a wonderfully conflicted character anyways, so I was happy enough with that.

Delenn from Babylon 5
Yeah... I don't think I'm going to find a meaning for that one, but I chose to beneath that it's Minbari for "she who is so graceful, cryptic with her destiny and possessive of a cute little nervous skip in her step ... OH! and has a beautiful little smiley-smile" ... Marcus always did say that it was a subtle language :)
As for my own name, Rebecca comes from the Hebrew "to snare" or "to bind" ... not quite sure if that relates to me or not, but I'm sure people will let me know if they think so.


Maree said...

Great list!
Happy Weekly Geeks :)

gautami tripathy said...

That was some list! Liked reading it.

Names and more names

Rikki said...

Wow, you have a lot of favourites. I mimited myself to one...

Anonymous said...

I love your list of literary favorites...although I'll confess to not recognizing any of the ones from tv shows.

Kim said...

Great list! My whole family but me are star trek fans so I chuckled at Kathryn Janeway! She sure was a complicated character. I saw a special on that t.v. show and was interested to hear that she was not the first choice for that part! I can't imagine anyone else playing Janeway though.

Serena said...

I like the characters you choose for this weekly geeks. I think Alice from Twilight is a good example.

Erika Lynn said...

great post, i do like that Alice Cullen's name seems to fit so well

Alexa said...

Good list, some lovely traditional names. I love the meaning of Alice and it's such a great name.