Angels and Visitations

Angels and Visitations: A Miscellany
Neil Gaiman
166 pages; published 1993

Memory is the great deceiver. Perhaps there are individuals whose memories act like tape recordings, daily records of their lives complete in every detail, but I am not one of them. My memory is a patchwork of occurrences, of discontinuous events roughly sewn together: the parts I remember, I remember precisely, whilst other sections seem to have vanished completely. (141)

I always enjoy Neil Gaiman’s writing, so I pretty much knew I would love this one too. His writing is just so clever, so rich, that you can’t help but want to read more.

Angels and Visitations, however, was a little different from the other novels and short stories of his that I’ve read. It is, as the title says, ‘a miscellany’, a collection of literary bits and pieces he has accumulated over the years: poetry, book reviews, stories written for this and that. As such, it was a bit of an odd collection, but still full of wonderful pieces that I’d recommend to any Neil Gaiman fan. 4.5

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Literary Feline said...

I hadn't heard of this one before. I'll have to add it to my list of Neil Gaiman books to try.

I agree with you--he's such a clever and talented author. I've enjoyed what I have read by him so far. This sounds like a great little hodge podge collection.

Rebecca said...

It is a little hodge podge-y, but in a good way :)

Ladytink_534 said...

I have this on my list. I really love his poems and I'm curious about this one.

Rebecca said...

Ladytink: There wasn't a lot of poery in this collection, there were definately more short story-type pieces, but there were some good ones in there.