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When he was answering his Musing Monday's question this week, D Dubs Reads asked a follow up question about page numbers:

For bloggers who place the page count within their review, have you given thought to what pages you are counting? How do you decide where the book starts or stops?

While I never have a set page number to read (ie. 'I have to read twenty pages today...' or 'if I read a chapter a day for a month...' etc) but I do always like to know how many pages a book has so I can guage where abouts I am. I think this grew out of my never having had a bookmark on hand (no longer a problem) and having to remember where I was up to.

When I include a page number on a book review I generally stop on the last page of the actual narrative, unless there is some critical appendices crucial to the story.

However, when I'm counting for my own 'how many pages read' count I count what I read. If the book has appendices etc and I actually read them then I count them, if I don't read them they don't get included. I usually don't add in acknowledgements or author's notes unless they're extraordarily extended ones (Piers Anthony's Incarnations series is the one coming to mind at present).

What about you? What do you count? Head over to D Dubs Reads and answer.

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D Dubs said...

Hey Rebecca, thanks for considering my question for your blog. I have been a bit busy or I would've commented earlier. I appreciate the attention! :) Hope things are well.