February Wrap-Up

As you may have noticed from my almost complete lack of reviews recently, February is not a good reading month for me. Between going back to uni and family birthdays (whom I make gifts for) I don't get the chance to read a whole lot, let alone review.
Oh well, here's to a better March.

Books Read

Books Started, Not Finished
  • The City of Dreaming Books - Walter Moers


Diane said...

You still did great. Unfortunately, for all of us, sometimes others things get in the way of our reading LOL.

Erika Lynn said...

I love the February wrap up button. Do you mind if I use it?

Ladytink_534 said...

Well you did read some really interesting ones at least :)

Nan said...

Are you enjoying the book: The City of Dreaming Books? I've read some really positive reviews of it.

Rebecca said...

Diane: Thanks. Yeah I know, isn'ti a shame!

Erika: Of course you can! I just did it up in photoshop, let me know if you want meto email you the rest

Ladytink: You're right, that's true

Nan: I am enjoying it actually, it's an odd book, but an interesting one.