March Wrap-up

03 march

Books read this month*:

Books started but not finished:

  • Sonata for Mirium – Linda Olsson (nearly done)
  • Change of Heart – Jodi Picoult

* Before I wrote this post I thought I hadn’t read anything at all this month, turns out that I read plenty but the fact that I kept falling asleep (due to my not feeling well, not because the books were boring) means that I didn’t actually do any reviewing. I’m on a week’s break from uni this week so I’ll get caught up.


Ladytink_534 said...

Looks like you read a few good ones! Love your little wrap-up icon!

Beth F said...

Good list of books. How convenient that you have some time off just when you need to catch up on reviews!

Rebecca said...

Ladytink: There were some good ones, I'd be a toss up between March and The Graveyard Book for top billing

Beth F: I know! How often does that happen? Almost never.

Jenny Girl said...

Good job Rebecca!