Friday Firsts (…belated)

When was the first time you thought ‘I can do that’ and put pen to paper for your first work of fiction? Care to share yours I’d love to read some new stories.

I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes trying to think back to a time when I WASN’T writing. Even after setting the majority of writing I did throughout my schooling (reports, yearbook, a mountain-load of essays I wouldn’t even attempt to count), I still couldn’t really remember not writing. School creative writing attempts (including a camp at some point) turned into fandom-based fiction (fanfiction) and then into a strange, though not entirely successful, fascination with poetry.
But this, I felt, didn’t really answer Wendy’s question.
The first time I truly got that ‘I can do that’ thought, or perhaps more accurately, ‘I’d like to see if I can truly do that’ thought was about a year ago. I work part time shelving books in a library and often find the need to distract myself so that I don’t actually READ said books. It was over the course of many many shifts that I plotted out and actually scribbled notes for the story that I want to write - if I were brave enough to say it, the book I want to write.
While I can tell you most of the plot in great detail, introduce you to the characters, much of the actual writing got waylaid over my final semester of uni. But it’s still here, bubbling away in my head, and I greatly enjoy sitting down for a few hours here and there to keep working away at it.


Marie said...

I don't think I've ever thought "I could do that!". oh well! :-)

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Eons ago when I was a teenager had an idea for a story. Wrote two chapters then nothing after that. I've always had an active imagination though, but never really thought to put it to paper.

October 2007. I came across someone talking about National Novel Write Month and it sparked something in my brain. It was a "I can do that" moment. Thought I'd give it a try. Have been writing ever since. Am currently rewriting my first nano and the 2nd one is stewing on the shelves. Have a 3rd idea brewing for 2009 Nano. Will I ever publish anything? Unknown. But the joy is in the creative process.

wendy said...

just as well you shelve mostly uninteresting (to us) books! imagine how hard that job would be in the literature collection! not only would it mostly get 'shelved' into your library bag but no stories would get written!