Library Loot

I haven’t had a library loot post for awhile, though I love to read others, so since I went to the library this week I thought I’d share what followed me home.


 Waddell - Starry Night Collins - The Earthborn Jacobs - Knit Two Pfeifer - Catwoman - It's Only a Movie Resnick - Nebula Awards Showcase 2007 Sedgwick - My Swordhand is Singing Vaughn - Runaways - 2 - Teenage Wasteland Vaughn - Runaways - 3 - The Good Die Young Vaughn - Runaways - 4 - True Believers Vaughn - Runaways - 5 - Escape to New York


  • Waddell, Martin – Starry Night
  • Collins, Paul – The Earthborn
  • Jacob, Kate – Knit Two
  • Pfeifer, Will – Catwoman: It’s Only a Movie
  • Resnick, Mike (ed.) – Nebula Awards Showcase 2007
  • Sedgewick, Marcus – My Swordhand is Singing
  • Vaughn, Brian K. – Runaways, Vol 2: Teenage Wasteland
  • Vaughn, Brian K. – Runaways, Vol 3: The Good Die Young
  • Vaughn, Brian K. – Runaways, Vol 4: True Believers
  • Vaughn, Brian K. – Runaways, Vol 5: Escape to New York

So… far more than I had intended to bring home, but I’d been waiting for the rest of the Runaway series to be returned to the library so when I saw them I grabbed then. Looks like I’ll be having a graphic novel week this week!


Michael said...

You've just reminded me that I should pick up some GN this week.

Beth F said...

Those GNs look good. I have to get to my GN reading....

wendy said...

'followed you home'? you fool no one...did your TBR pile say - you new guys go the back of the bus?