Mid-Year Wrap-Up

I was inspired by Jenner’s post to do a mid-year summary of my own (thanks!). I also attempted to make some pretty graphs like Heather did in her MM post this week (I was quite impressed)… but that required far too much math for my poor brain.


Books Read: 54

Number of Pages Read: 13, 050

Authors: 34

New-to-me Authors: 22

Number of Books Written by Females: 42

Number of Books Written by Males: 12

Number of Review Copies Received: 8

Books Reviewed: 38

Reviews Owing: 16


100+ Books Challenge: 54/100
Arthurian Challenge:
13/12 – FINISHED!
42 Challenge:
A-Z Challenge:
Support Your Local Library Challenge:
Casual Classics Challenge:
Read Your Own Books Challenge:
2nds Challenge:
Take a Chance Challenge:
Sookie Stackhouse Challenge:


Beth F said...

You are having a great year!

Jenners said...

Wow! I'm glad I inspired you! I love reading these kinds of posts and you are kicking some serious reading butt! Isn't it fun seeing some of the numbers? You are rocking your reading, girl! ANd I like the idea of tracking "new to me" authors ... I'll have to add that in. And congrats on finishing a challenge -- and you are close to finishing some others up. And it seems like you'll reach 100 books -- I'm so jealous! : )

Elena said...

Good stuff! Great to see more female than male authors there. Women authors are a minority in my reading list but I'm working on changing that. Keep it up! :)