Once more with clarity…

Okay, let’s try it again :)

I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the movies last night – and I loved it! Some issues, all extremely minor.

I’ve been very much looking forward to seeing the new movie, as I am a Harry Potter fan. I’ve read (and reread) the books before. Coming up to the new film, however, I’ve been wanting to reread the books – probably just Half-Blood Prince – and have been resisting the urge.

Last night the book made it’s way from my bookshelf to my bedroom and I' left it on my desk to see if I get to it or not. I agree with most your comments and I’ll probably wait till after the last movie is made to reread them.


Dot said...

I went to see this yesterday and really enjoyed it too! I have given in and have re-read the books over the past few months, just started re-reading The Deathly Hallows. I have really enjoyed re-reading them as I probably rushed the first time so that I could find out what happened!

Veens said...

I am just waiting for it to be released here!!
I also need to re-read it really... But well I am waiting for the movie!