A break from our regularly scheduled program…

In addition to being a book nerd, I’m a fairly big sci-fi nerd also – in fact they may even tie… no… yes… maybe… wait, don’t make me choose!

Anyways, I’ve recently joined a lj community called Gateland, a Stargate based interactive competition community.

gateland is an interactive, activity-based community for fans of Stargate. There are four teams, Team SG-1, Team Sheppard, Team Goa'uld and Team Wraith. You will be placed on one these teams and participate in various activities which will earn points for your team.

I’m on Team Goa’uld, myself – I promise not to let the god thing get to my head (hee!). It's looks to be a lot of fun, so if any of you out there are Stargate fans, head on over and join in!


Serena said...

Have a great time in the Sci-fi community...sounds intriguing

Elena said...

Hey that sounds so cool

get your sci-fi nerd on :)

in other news, I gave you an award :) http://withextrapulp.com.au/?p=325