Nebula Awards 2007

Nebula Awards Showcase 2007 Mike Resnick (ed.)
383 pages; published 2007
Resnick - Nebula Awards Showcase 2007
The Nebula Award is an award established and bestowed by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. It targets excellent new examples of Science Fiction and Fantasy in the novel, novella, novelette, short story and script formats.
This year was a showcase of the winners and nominees of the 2007 awards. It held excerpts from the winning novel, as well as full texts of the novellas and short stories. There are also a collection of essays on sci-fi/fantasy as a publishing field and genre, written by several known SF writers.
They were all, obviously, wonderful examples of sci-fi/fantasy, but I was particularly pleased to find it a nice blend of fiction – some very serious, some fantastical, and some downright ridiculous.
A nice collection for fans of the genre. 4/5

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Mish said...

Nice to know that's out there, I might have to get a copy.

If you're interested in participating, I've a sci-fi reading challenge beginning soon.