Wandering Books

My book shelf stands against the window in my craft room, which means that my table tends to become a bit of a dumping ground for a whole manner of things, books included. I cleaned off my table this week and managed to find, among other things:




A whole stack of books – some new buys, some my sister had abandoned and left on my table, and some NF being referenced.


Nan said...

I plan on cleaning off my computer desk today. I'm afraid of what I might find!

Bluestocking said...

I cleaned off my desk last night. I didn't find anything interesting.

Dawn said...

I love seeing random stacks of books--it's always fun to see what has collected! You have, for instance, a Twilight book. You also have "Wicked" on the top. I can see Neil Gaiman (whom I'm not a fan of because I'm not one for British humor). I actually used to keep my unread books in a stack...and called it the "Tower of Babel."

Jenny Girl said...

oh my! That's a bit scary. My kitchen table is like that. and my nightstand.
This is for you an award

Jessica Lawlor said...

It's so strange, but I realize I don't own any actual bookmarks. I always use my library receipt or a random piece of paper. Very weird thing.