My Sister’s Keeper

I went to see the My Sister’s Keeper movie tonight – something I was both very excited about and dreading completely. Overall I’d have to say that I was actually very pleased with it.

I’d love to chat with anyone who has seen it but don’t want to have any spoilers. So if you’re interested, head down into the comments, or email me.


kaye said...

I posted a movie/book comparison if you are interested.

christina said...

Ooh, what did you think about the ending? Can I talk about it down here? I didn't want to be the first to just blow it away and say, "can you believe..."


Rebecca said...

Kaye - heading off to read!

Christina -
I know! I didn't want to give it away either, but I wanted to talk about it. I was a little upset that they changed the ending (I LOVED the book ending) - even if the movie ending was quite well done. Maybe they thought they wouldn't quite get the impact they wanted? I remember being shocked when I read the book and realised that it wasn't Anna talking. What about you, what did you think?