FF: Famous Firsts

Friday_Firsts This week Wendy asks for famous first lines, so I thought I’d see how many I could come up with off the top of my head…

“Call me Ishmael” (Moby Dick – Herman Melville) … okay, Wendy gave us that one.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” (Pride Prejudice – Jane Austen)

“Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her.” (Emma – Jane Austen)*

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” (A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens)

“All children, except one, grow up.” (Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie)

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,” grumbled Jo, lying on the rug. (Little Women – Louisa May Alcott)

"If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth." (The Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger)*

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling)

… yeah, I’m out.

*I will admit to grabbing the book off the shelf for these ones, I got halfway through and got lost.

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wendy said...

8 famous firsts! you'll have t get a point in the competition for that!
well done you!