The Weather Fairies

The Weather Fairies [Rainbow Magic, books 8-14] Daisy Meadows
published 2000
Meadows - Crystal the Snow FairyOn her last vacation, Rachel Walker met her new best friend Kirsty. Together the pair was able to save the Fairy Kingdom by restoring all the Rainbow Fairies to power and defeating the evil Jack Frost and his goblins.
Now on heir summer break, the girls once again meet up – and luckily for the Fairy Kingdom, for Jack is once again wreaking havoc. He has stolen each of the seven magic tail feathers used by the Weather fairies to set weather in the Kingdom. Rachel and Kirsty, with the help of the Weather Fairies must find and return each of these feathers before Jack Frost plunges the world into an eternal winter.
I started reading these books so that I could adequately fulfil my part as ‘Kirsty’ when my six-year-old cousin came over to “play”. But that was fifteen books ago, and I’ve now got to face the reality that I’m hooked. The books are a nice, ‘easy-to-read-yourself’ type story aimed at the 6-10 age bracket and the girls are smart characters, able to think themselves out of a whole range of problems. While I preferred the fairies from the first series, the Rainbow Fairies, I’d have to say that I think the villains (the goblins) were better written in this set – they were threatening this time around. 4/5


Anonymous said...

That looks really tempting... and, I'm in 24!!! I haven't read any of these, but, now I'm thinking I should!

Anonymous said...

I always want my daughter to read fairy books and then I could borrow them and read them too. Unfortunately she's just not interested. Too girly, I guess.

Rebecca said...

anothercookiecrumbles: I say go for it! I'm 22 and I read them :)

carolsnotebook: Aw that's a shame, your daughter is the perfect, in-built excuse to read all the kiddy fairy books you want!

Lisa said...

phew.. I thought i'm the only one who is overage and read fairy books. lately I am into all these kiddies and teens book cause the lastest bunch (since i'm no longer a kiddy years) seems to look like they are yummy reads!