Hollywood Snap-shots

Hill - Images of Movie StarsImages of Movie Stars Tim Hill 244 pages; published 2005
This beautiful book was a birthday gift from my mother earlier this year. I have a fondness for black and white photography as well as Hollywood of the 1930s and 40s, so this was quite a find.
The book is filled with large (full page or spread) glossy pictures of actors both old and new, all accompanied with a brief caption. Some of these photographs are well known portraits, but others I found to be new and quite interesting.
It’s not a book I’d recommend for a movie buff looking for an interesting read – there were only small tidbits of information scattered throughout – but as a coffee table bo ok it would be perfect. 4/5

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Jenners said...

How cool! I love b&w photography!

And I see you are getting into the Twilight saga ... see you in about 2000 pages!