Death Takes an Apprentice

Mort (Discworld Novel 4)
Terry Pratchett

316 pages, published 1987

Terry Pratchett, a gangly-extra-elbowed boy, Death scaring away cats and lots of weird food. What more could you want from a novel? I’m very quickly becoming a proud Terry Pratchett addict – I really don’t know why I held out so long. I love any book where Death himself is a character, but I think that Terry Pratchett’s Death is coming to be my favourite (maybe he and the others I love can battle it out) and as such, this is my favourite Discworld novel to date.

In this book, Death (already established in the series by this stage) decides to take on an apprentice, so much of the story is about him, Mort, rather than Death. But occasionally we’ll see Death going off to the pub, trying out new and extraordinary food and generally scaring each and every cat that comes his way. 4/5

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