A Wrinkle in Time
Madeline L’Engle

198 pages, published 1962

A book on practically every list of children’s literature I have ever seen, yet I have only recently managed to get a hold of.

Though the book has a distinctly sixties feel to it (at least to me), the story itself is actually somewhat timeless – I would, in fact, have no difficultly seeing it being made into a modern film, like so many of the recent children’s adventure films.

Meg, her young brother Charles Wallace, and their newly acquired friend Calvin – all odd or outcast to some degree in their own way – strike out on an adventure to rescue and bring home the wandering father of the Murrey family. Aided by their odd ‘neighbours’ Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who and Mrs Which (all of whom appear as a strange amalgamation of alien, changeling and angel of God – very odd, yet it works strangely well), the trio set off on the intergalactic adventure of their young lives, battling the fundamental essence of evil to reunite their family. 3/5

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