Weekly Geeks #15

This weeks Weekly Geeks is a bit of a 'Guess the Book' game so I thought I'd have a bit of fun with it. I've taken close-up pictures of five random books (it was fun! despite looking like a dork) and will send a prize to the first person to guess all five correctly. I'll check back next Sunday and if no one gets all ten, I'll send a prize to the person who gets the most.

Have fun!!





Edited to Add: Okay, here's the answers.

1. The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde

2. People of the Book - Geraldine Brooks

3. Prince Caspian - C.S. Lewis

4. Dinotopia - James Gurney

5. Hitler's Daughter - Jackie French

I'll be contacting the winner today!


Bart said...

#1 Is, The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde. (Fantastic book!) :D

Dewey said...

Darn! I don't know any! I didn't even recognize #1 even though I've read it.

Renae said...

#1 The Eyre Affair - OK I'm copying from Bart but that's the joy of posting your answers!

#2 Book of the people/Geraldine Brooks

#3 King Arthur and the Knights of the round table

#4 Romeo and Juliet

#5 Something by Frank McCourt