What's On Your Nightstand?

The guidelines are simple:
  • Write a post on your own blog (or feel free to play along in the comments if you don't have a blog).
  • You can simply post a picture, or tell us how and when these books got into your to-be-read pile, or give a mini-review of the books in progress.
  • Read around through the links and find out "What's on Their Nightstand?"

I never catch these fun things just when they're starting out, so I'm very happy to be able to play along in the first round this time! And what a great way to see what everyone else is reading/planning to read.

To say that I took a picture of my nightstand, however, wouldn't be exactly accurate. Partly because I don't have a nightstand, but mostly because in order to take this picture I actually had to gather books from the top of my television, my desk, the top of my bookshelf and my uni bag ... it took me longer to collect up my tbr pile than it took me to actually take the picture.

So once I finally gathered them all up, this is what I have for my current tbr/nightstand pile:

Fade - Richard Cormier
This was mentioned in one of my classes (we're focusing on teaching the classroom novel) and it happened to be on the for sale spindle at the library that night. Couldn't pass it up.

Proven Ground - Jim Butcher
I really want to read Butcher's Dreden Files series, but so far have not been able to track down the first novel ... so this one will probably be on my tbr pile for a while.

Paris in the Twentieth Century - Jules Verne
Again with the library sales, I'm a sucker for the 20c books ...

The Messenger - Marcus Zusak
Haven't started this one yet. I read The Book Thief for book club last month and absolutely loved it, so I thought I'd give this one a go.

The Stopping Place - Helen Slaven
I like to pick up at least one random book on my library trips (have no idea what it's about, don't read the blurb, etc) and this was my latest. The story is a little on the slow side, but there's just enough in it to keep me interested. I'm only about halfwy through though, I'll make a final decision when I'm done.

The Once and Future King - T.H. White
I *really* want to get back to and finish this one (I'm reading it for a challenge) but my assigned reading just keeps getting in the way.

Black Swan Green - David Mitchell
I picked this one up from the library after reading a good review of it.

Dune - Frank Herbert
My friend, Wendy, has recommended this one to me a couple of times.

The Mist - Stephen King; and Black Juice - Margo Lanahan
Upcoming books for bookclub

All the rest of the pile are assigned reading for one of my classes. We got a suprise 25-book reading list on the first lesson but I've managed to make my way through nearly half of them so far - what can I say, I'm weird; I read so much faster if books are lined up all pretty in a list.

Finding Cassie Crazy - Jaclyn Moriarty
Lobster Boy - Rodman Philbrick
Deadly Unna - Phillip Gwynne
Touch Me - James Maloney
Macbeth and Son - Jackie French
Cold Skin - Steven Herrick

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Jennifer, Snapshot said...

It is sort of nice to have a plan--what book is coming next. Sometimes if I don't get started on the next book right away I lapse a bit.

I'm glad you joined in the first go 'round too!

Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books