Neil Gaiman
372 pages, published 1996

I love Neil Gaiman; I think I may have found a new favourite in him. He has a strange humour, slightly Pratchett-like in its random quality, but he also has a richness in detail and phrasing that makes his work more than just a light read.
Richard Mayhew is an ordinary man (some may say boring) who has little more to worry about in his life than keeping his appearance-conscious girlfriend, Jessica ("not Jess"), happy. Until the night he plays good Samaritan, that is.

Picking up an injured homeless girl on the street may seem straight forward at first, but the young girl, Door, is more than she seems. Rescuing her marks his unwilling descent into the real London underground: Neverwhere. A state of being as much as a location, Richard has to deal with the oddities of this realm while at the same time come to realise that, to the people populating his previous life, he is now literally invisible.

And so he and the Lady Door make a deal: he will do what he can to help her uncover the mystery surrounding the murder of her family, and she will help him get the heck out of there. 5/5

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