The Greatest Show Off Earth - Robert Rankin

The Greatest Show Off Earth
Robert Rankin
316 pages, published 1994

This was a recommendation from my uncle (who insisted on my reading Robert Rankin) which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. A kind of ridiculous humour, Terry Pratchett-meets-Douglas Adams, it tells the story of two friends: one of whom is kidnapped to be produce at an alien meat market, and another who reads of his adventure in a future-telling book he stumbles across and is shot at for.

Overall it was pretty funny, but in a ‘that’s just so pathetic I can’t not laugh’ kind of way. What I loved best was that the narrator seemed to be completely aware of the fact that he was in a book and would kind often try to mislead the reader just to be annoying (and would comment on it) and would end each section part-way through a sentence, with the next section completely subverting the pathway in a funny (and usually crude) way. A good laugh. 3/5

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