Weekly Geeks #14 Book Tour

The Weekly Geeks this week asked us to post some bookish pictures (yay!) and to take each other on a sort of bookish tour. There were several options, but I decided to go on a tour of the shelves/piles throughout my house. Please excuse the mess, I considered cleaning up, but then realised that it wouldn't be giving a realisitic representation of my book's habitat ... plus I was too lazy :)
My mother has urged me to stick to my book buying ban as she has forbidden me to buy another bookshelf until I leave home (in all fairness, we don't really have anywhere to put one) but I maintain that there's always room for some more books ... then I went through the house to find all my piles ... maybe she has a point - don't tell her that though!

This is my general book shelf - series on top, reference on bottom, alphabetical in the middle. I have a couple in there that have managed to sidestep my tbr pile so I'm very much looking forward to my holidays (which is nowhere near soon) so that I can weed through it and fix it up a bit.

And of course, I'm such a nerd that my Star Trek books have a book shelf all of their own. Because I only (okay, mostly) buy my Trek books second hand - and usually in bulk (my last batch was 80 for $20!) I always have way more than I can read. Still, it's nice comfortable reading and there's always something new and on hand whenever the mood strikes.

It's when I get to my actual 'tbr pile' that things get a little, well, difficult. My whole bedroom is my tbr pile, actually. Once books get there they get moved from one pile to the next before eventually retiring back to the shelve or being returned to the library.

I have a huge weakness for the sale spindle outside the library - who can pass up 20c books? It's impossible for me to NOT stop to look, I even save up my change in the car especially for the library ... until someone asks what on earth I need all those 20c pieces for, then it's my 'drink o the way home' money. So this is my library bargain tbr pile.

Seeing as my first choice for a reading space is on my bed, the spaces around my bed are often stacked high with books. On top of my tv is where I usually keep my library books - one pile for the public library and one pile for the uni library. Today however, I just the one, and the books for book club that I haven't gotten to yet (if you guys are reading, don't worry, I will get to them, I'm just running a little behind this week - the flu really threw me off).

This is my homework reading pile - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for my prac, Finding Cassie Crazy for my English method class, and all the rest for the essay I'm supposed to be doing right now instead of writing this... this is more fun though.

And last but not least, my book nook above/by my bed. I bought this bed because it had a shelf build in over the head and I wanted to put in tbr pile there nice and handy. Turns out I don't actually put them there - put it's nice and handy for my dictionary's and coffee and such. On top I have a nice little spot for my 'to be reviewed' books. Chosen specifically because if the pile gets too big it's blocks the tv, reminding me to do some work.

Thats about it, hope you enjoyed the tour!


Icedream said...

I enjoyed seeing your book collection but I especially loved your shelf of Star Trek books, being a "trek nerd" myself! :D

Book Zombie said...

I love your Star Trek shelf - everything looks so well organized. Thanks for all the great pics!

Oh and you had asked about my shelves - the top row of books are snug against the ceiling with 4 rows in total. They start about 6 feet from the floor, so that we can fit sofas, desks and such underneath.

Stephanie said...

Stacks of books are always so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Bluestocking said...

Whoa! I have shelves of Star Trek too! That's awesome!

Chris said...

Those are some precariously stacked books you got there!