Bits and Pieces

This post is a bit of a grab bag, things that I’ve been meaning to mention but haven’t gotten to yet…
A few people asked if I had seen the new Star Trek movie yet. I have! I rambled on a bit about it here , so head on over if you’re interested. Be warned, there are spoilers (under the cut), so be careful if you haven’t seen it yet.
While at the movies I saw the cut-out for the upcoming Coraline movie, which I am very much looking forward to. (Picture’s a little dodgy, I’m sorry, I was in a rush)
I’m so looking forward to it, in fact, that I got over my fear of spoilers to look up the trailer.

Tomorrow night Wendy and I are going to listen to Catherine Jinks (author of, among others, The Reformed Vampire Support Group) give a talk at our local library as part of the Sydney Writer’s Festival. Yay!
I’ve been meaning to thank Wendy for this award – THANKS! I’m so glad that you agree with my flannel-theories :)


wendy said...

add to my knowledge of Becca - she takes a camera everywhere! I can understand thinking you'd have a use for it at the Jinks talk but even to the cinema? - talk about being prepared.

The Book Resort said...

Have fun!

Ladytink_534 said...

I really can't wait to see Coraline... congrats on your award and have fun at the author talk!