Friday Firsts: Non-First-Line Firsts

Friday_FirstsHaha, and it’s still Friday!!
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First Book I Remember Reading: The first book I ever remember reading on my own would probably be Heidi by Joanna Spyri. I’m sure I read more before that but I don’t remember.
First Job: Kmart – first in layby then on the checkouts. I thought I’d hate working on the checkouts, but I absolutely loved it.
First Real Job: What kind of real job? As in like a career? Then none as of yet.
First Favorite Politician: I don’t have a favourite politician
First Car: My little rocket ship, Bella. Okay, she’s a Toyota Starlet, but don’t tell her that, she thinks she’s a rocket ship

First Record/CD: Alannis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill
First Sport Played: Um…like in a team? Then none. I did do sport at school but only cause they made me.
First Concert: The Seekers
First Foreign Country Visited: None :(
First Favorite TV Show: Star Trek: Voyager. The first show I ever obsessed over.
First Favorite Actor: Richard Gere, or Harrison Ford.
First Favorite Actress: Julie Andrews.
First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Nope, homebody through and through.
First Encounter with a Famous Person: Sang in a concert with Vanessa Amourossi once (and then with Kylie Minogue and Taxi Ride later) but the first face-to-face conversation would probably have been George Takai.
First Brush With Death: Was a car accident (not major) when I was little, but that’s about it.
First House/Condo Owned: Would kind have to have money for that. Oh, I had a doll house, does that count?
First Film Seen: Probably either The Little Mermaid, Wizard of Oz or Sound of Music – which were and still are my favourites.
First Favorite Recording Artist: Julie Andrews or Judy Garland.
First Favorite Radio Station: don’t listen to the radio.
First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: Booking Through Thursday.


wendy said...

thanks for playing of fuzzy one. am very impressed by your famous contacts I think a taxi ride with Kyies counts but am sure George trumps kylsin your book!

wendy said...

ps did you like that i did a list (it was just for you!)

Rebecca said...

Yep, George trumps all - I even managed not to swoon :) sorta

and YES! I did love and notice that it was a list, hehe

The Book Resort said...

Interesting answers. Here's mine:

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Interesting answers. I may just give it a go.