Challenge Updates

Ladytink posted an update on her challenges (she’s doing really well, made me a little nervous…) and since I’ve been meaning (and forgetting) to do it for a while I thought I’d check my own. Click on the images to for more information about the challenges or what I’ve read so far.



Whoops, ended back in March, but I did finish it! The challenge was to read 12 Arthurian books/movies/tv etc


 42 ChallengeI am absolutely loving this challenge: 42 science fiction texts, again of any kind. I’m currently sitting on 33 so I’m doing okay :)


A-Z ChallengeI’ve got 24/52… But I’m concerned that I’ll probably get stuck like last year, so if you’d like to head on over and give me some suggestions for the tricky ones (Q, X, Y, Z for instance) I’d really appreciate it!


Support Your Local Library ChallengeI originally signed up for the 25 challenge, because I’m combining it with the RYOB challenge, but I’m on 14 at the moment, and not terribly worried about reaching it, so I may shoot for the 50… maybe.


Casual ClassicsAnd I’ve read… one. But, technically speaking I’m not really behind yet. So I’m not going to worry.


RYOBAgain, I went for the 25 but have only read 4. I’ve read more of my own than that, but I made rules to go with it (why??). I told myself that they couldn’t be new, they had to be from my shelf and they couldn’t be re-reads. I had to go and make it harder on myself huh.


2nds Challenge*hangs head*… one book. Would have been two but – stupid stupid stupid – I returned Betrayed to the library.


100_Challenge35 so far, which (according to the graph I made which I can never show any maths person because they would shoot me) is apparently right on target.


The Book Resort said...

I'm cheering for you.

wendy said...

oh my goodness you are the guru of challenges too - how do you fit all this in? I have been thinking about doing ONE challenge and haven't taken it on because I don't want to put pressure on myself...but 8! I bow to the master.