A Formal Apology

Letter #1

Dear Musing Monday-ers,

I would like to take the opportunity to formally apologise for making you face reality your anxieties about your tbr pile. Had I known the mental anguish I would be wreaking I would have reconsidered the question.

I apologise for bringing your nerves to the surface and for making you consider the monumental piles of book lurking in every corner of your house.

If it makes you feel better we are all crazy worried together, just think about all the nice books we’ll get to enjoy in the process.

I promise to deliver a less nerve-wracking question next week.



Letter #2

Dear Musing Monday-ers,

It was all Wendy’s fault!! Not mine!! Make the piles of books fall on her head, not mine!

*runs and hides*



Diane said...

LOL>>>I don't blame anyone, I just smiled when I read this post. I have fewer than 600 TBR books (trust me I know, we just moved the many boxes to our new condo).

gautami tripathy said...

I gonna drop my books on both of you!


Melissa said...

LOL. actually, I didn't mind this question because it was going to force me to count my unread books and actually single them out, and I thought that maybe *maybe* that would provide me with more motivation. We'll see. I hope to get my post up tonight after I look my books over at home...

Jenny Girl said...

lol! Whatever girl! Doesn't bother me any. A little dose of reality is good every now and again.

The Book Resort said...

LOL. Too funny, Rebecca.
Thanks, Wendy.

Kim said...

This made me laugh! Very witty. I actually figured out that it isn't the tbr mountain that makes me nervous, it is keeping up with my written reviews!
Loved the question--as I do every week...

wendy said...

Yes I've been rolling around on the floor laughing at this post too (now there's a mental picture for you). Who'd have thought this MM would require TWO apologies! personally I'm going to adopt Caite's attitute from her also hilarious post... my TBR pile is my friend, always there, never too busy for me and enough to last me for the rest of my life - all good things.