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Emily said... Can't wait to hear what all of you think about my book, Best Intentions! I really do love hearing from readers, getting a conversation going. […]

I LOVED Best Intentions. I’ll have the review up as soon as I finish writing it. Until then, I’ll just let you know that it was a really enjoyable read.
Elena said... Same thing happened to me today, i had to do some grocery shopping, which involved walking past the library....and came back with an armful of books!!

See, I have a theory that the library emits subliminal messages to unwitting passerby-ers. There we go, just minding our own business and the nefarious library just lures us in.

wendy said... and btw I really hate it that you ALWAYS find fabulous in the library sales rack and I never, not once, ever have - and it's the SAME library! :P

Yes I know you hate it. It it one of my life’s great pleasure to annoy you in this regard :) To be honest, I don’t know how I do it. Maybe the library likes me better ;)

Belle said... A chaperone for the library is a very good idea, I think. And combined with a book sale! My library doesn't hold regular book sales. I'd be sunk if they did.

I buy most of my books second hand from the library these days, so I’m pretty glad they have a regular sale rack :)

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wendy said...

I want that room!