Some Awards and Tag, I’m it.

I was lucky enough to receive some lovely award over the past fortnight or so and haven’t yet mentioned them. I’d like to thank Diane, over at The Book Resort, for passing them my way :)

090315 Proximade Award 090424 2009 Friendly Blogger Award


Diane also tagged me to do this meme:

Here are the rules...

  1. Mention the person who nominated you.
  2. List six unimportant things that make you happy.
  3. Tag six blogs, state the rules & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Some of the unimportant things that make me happy are:

  1. Coming home from the library with a huge stack of books
  2. Meeting up with my friends for just-for coffee
  3. Woolen socks and flannel pyjamas – I’m telling you, the world would be a better place if everyone wore flannel all the time. You can’t be angry at someone who’s all fuzzy
  4. Getting real mail.
  5. Teasing and being teased in return by my friends
  6. Dropping a finished essay into the submission box – which is usually followed by a little dance (the only time I ever dance)


I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I’m hopeless at tagging, so if you feel inclined to play along, consider yourself tagged. But if you do, please come back and comment so I don’t miss it!


The Book Resort said...

Congratulations on your awards!!!

The Book Resort said...

Hey, it was my 2nd time being tagged, so I'm learning as I go. lol.

Love #'s 1,3 & 4. Though it'd be fun to see ya dance. lol.

wendy said...

congrats on the awards you are a very friendly blogger (but Guru's have to be!) I love you six unimportant things although is coming home from the library with books unimportant?!? and you're right about fuzzy people maybe we should suggest this for inclusion in Rudd's defence force spending -Camouflage flano!

Dot said...

I couldn't agree with number 3 on your list more!! People would be so much happier!

Serena said...

Congrats on the awards! I can relate to #1 and #2

Jenny Girl said...

Congrats and here's another awardI would have done this last night, but I was too tired and bleary eyed :)