Library Loot (aka why I need a chaperone)

Today I had to drop my brother off at the library so he could study with some friends. I thought to myself:


“Self, not a problem. Sunday is your library day anyways. Remember though, you haven’t even started your book for book club yet, so just drop him off, stick your returns in the shoot and then leave.”


Turns out I can’t even follow advice from myself… I mean, I’m not really worried about the borrowing (what’s one more book in the pile?), but I’m a little concerned about my seeming lack of will power hehe.


Harris - Grave Sight Harris - Grave Surprise Ballard - Complete Short Stories Block - The Story of Forgetting Bronte - The Foundling

  • Charlaine Harris – Grave Sight
  • Charlaine Harris – Grave Surprise
  • J.G. Ballard – The Complete Short Stories
  • Stefan Merrill Block – The Story of Forgetting
  • Charlotte Bronte – The Foundling

How’d that happen?? How’d they make it into my bag??


I also entered via the sale rack (I know, I know!) and got myself a nice little pile. The best thing – they all smell so good.


  • William Shakespeare – As You Like It
  • Denys Kilham Robert (ed.) – The Centuries’ Poetry, Vol. 2: Donne to Dryden
  • John Donne – Selected Poems
  • Quentin James Reynolds - The Amazing Mr. Doolittle*
  • Thomas Hardy – Jude the Obscure


The best find was the lovely little copy of As You Like It. Very tiny, very beautiful, very battered. It was published in 1889, and all for the grand price of … 20c. I love my library.


*Which, I found out when I got home, is not the stories of Dr. Doolittle, but a biography of Lieutenant General James H. Doolittle. Oops. Oh well, might be interesting.


Diane said...

I have no impulse control at the library either; i mean it's free so what harm can an armful of books be right??

BTW: The Story of Forgetting was very good; i hope you get to read that one. Your other acquisitions look good too.

Sandra said...

Lovely loot. I love old books, which just means they are much loved. I really enjoyed The Story of Forgetting too, I hope you get to that one. And Jude The Obscure is my favourite Hardy novel. Enjoy.

caite said...

I have said it before but...books are an addiction, but as addictions go, it is not too bad of one.

Until I buy the final book that causes the floor of my house to collapse.

Do not buy books that smell bad....

Jenny Girl said...

Books are your crack too sweetheart!

I can't resist books, libraries or otherwise. I have the same conversations with myself too. I love the smell of books too. Old or new :)

Mae said...

Nice finds!! That's a beautiful little copy.

Rebecca said...

Diane: I think that's what it is, the books being free. I know that I can't just go and buy a book whenever the impulse hits (as if it ever leaves), but I don't have to feel guilty about the library.

Sandra: I've read Tess of the D'Urbervilles, but it was quite a while ago. I'm looking forward to this one, but it's not on the top of the pile yet :)

caite: do any books ever smell bad?

Jenny: Yes they are! We could all go to BA (Books Anonymous) together, but none of us would really want to go. And I'm glad I'm not the only one to have that conversation :)

Mae: thanks! I think it's pretty

Elena said...

Same thing happened to me today, i had to do some grocery shopping, which involved walking past the library....and came back with an armful of books!!

it's dangerous but oh so much fun :P enjoy your new books!

wendy said...

Ha ha can we take our books to read at BA while we're waiting for it to start :)

and btw I really hate it that you ALWAYS find fabulous in the library sales rack and I never, not onece, ever have - and it's the SAME library! :P

Marie said...

Nice haul!
I hope you like The Story of Forgetting.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing all the time. I go in to return books and come out with more books to read.

It's a good bad habit.

Belle said...

A chaperone for the library is a very good idea, I think. And combined with a book sale! My library doesn't hold regular book sales. I'd be sunk if they did.

Ladytink_534 said...

I've got my cousin-in-law's wife reading the Harper Connelly books now. I really like them though the relationship in the series icks me out. I hope you enjoy your loot!