Take a Chance Challenge

Take a Chance Challenge I told myself that I wasn’t going to sign up for any more challenges this year, that I had picked out some good ones and didn’t need anymore. Yeah. I lied.
I was really peeved that I missed out on the Good Books Inc. Scavenger Hunt as I love a good scavenger hunt and who could pass up a booky one? So when Jenners over at Find Your Next Book Here announced that she was holding one of her own, I was very excited! So head on over to her blog to sign up and play along!

This challenge is all about taking chances in your reading. There are 10 tasks in all -- 7 involve finding a book to read in very random ways. The last three tasks are about taking chances as a writer as you are challenged to take on the role of short story writer, poet and movie/book reviewer. The challenge is meant to be fun and no pressure. Complete as many or a few of the 10 challenges as you want. However, the more you complete, the more chances you'll get to win the grand prize.

  1. Random Book Selection. Go to the library. Position yourself in a section such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mystery, Children (whatever section you want). Then write down random directions for yourself (for example, third row, second shelf, fifth book from right). Follow your directions and see what book you find. Check that book out of the library, read it and then write about it. (If you prefer, you can do the same at a bookstore and buy the book!)

  2. Random Word. Go to this random word generator and generate a random word. Find a book with this word in the title. Read the book and write about it.

  3. Birth Year Book. Find a book that was published or copyrighted in the year of your birth. Read the book and write about it.

  4. Judge A Book By Its Cover. Pick out a book based SOLELY on the cover. First, write about what you expect the book to be about based on the cover art. Then read the book and write about how the book was different from and/or similar to what the cover art led you to expect.

  5. Phoning An Author. Pick a random last name out of the phone book. Find an author with the same last name and read a book by them. Write about it. (I'm flexible ... if the first random name you pick is Xprxyrsss, you can pick again!)

  6. Public Spying. Find someone who is reading a book in public. Find out what book they are reading and then read the same book. Write about it.

  7. Random Bestseller. Go to Random.org and, using the True Random Number Generator, enter the number 1950 for the min. and 2008 for the max. and then hit generate. Then go to this site and find the year that Random.org generated for you and click on it. Then find the bestseller list for the week that would contain your birthday for that year. Choose one of the bestsellers from the list that comes up, read it and write about it.

  8. Lit Riff (inspired by the book Lit Riffs by Matthew Miele.) Choose a song and then write a brief story that is inspired by or further explains the lyrics of the song.

  9. Poetic Review. Write a book review in three different forms of verse: haiku, limerick and free verse. (You can pick any book you want to write about.)

  10. Movie/Book Comparison. Find a book that you haven't read that has a movie based on it that you haven't seen. Read the book and watch the movie within a few days of each other. Write about your reactions to both the book and the movie and compare the two.


Beth F said...

This one sounds fun, but I'm resisting the urge to join.

Kim said...

Must! Resist!
If this had been posted earlier in the year I might have joined--it looks like a lot of fun--but my challenge commitment books are maxing out! I look forward to reading your posts about each task though!

Jenners said...

I'm so glad you are playing along!!! I hope it ends up being fun ... and we don't end up with a bunch of clunkers!!! Haha! : )

Ladytink_534 said...

This one sounds like a really, really fun challenge! I'll have to think about it a bit but I may just play!

Grilsgood said...

It looks like fun, but i need to know how many to read and the dates.

Jenny Girl said...

Hmmm...I don't know if I can fit this in. But it sounds like so much fun too. I'll have to think about it.

wendy said...

I've never tried a challenge before (fear of failing and all that) but this one looks really cool like the ohone book one - may give it a go...