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Book Lust Nancy Pearl
287 pages; published 2003
Pearl - Book LustReading has always brought me pure joy. I read to encounter new worlds and new ways of looking at our own world. I read to enlarge my horizon, to gain wisdom, to experience beauty,  to understand myself better, and for the pure wonderment of it all. I read and marvel over how writers use language in ways I never thought of. I read for company, and for escape. Because I am incurably interested in the lives of other people, both friends and strangers, I red to meet myriad folks and enter their lives – for me, a way of vanquishing the “otherwise” we all experience. (ix)

Nancy Pearl, librarian, describes herself as being a “professional reader” for over thirty years, and taking one look at this book was enough to convince me of that.
Book Lust boasts ‘recommended reading for every mood, moment and reason’, with books gathered around both general and random topics such as
  • Africa: Today and Tomorrow
  • Armchair Travel
  • Bicycling
  • The Classical World
  • Mothers and Daughters
  • Three-Hanky Reads
For the most part it was a good read: it was well written and the books recommended were a pleasing mix of comforting regulars and never-before-seens. However, I found the format a little off-putting. The premise behind the book is, basically, a big list of books… but the format was not at all list-like, each topic being written up in prose. For some this may be a plus, for me I found that it caused me to skim a lot. 3.5/5


wendy said...

having had this book in my hands (fleetingly) I must confess to coveting another woman's book. I think you could esaily have a MM discussion over book lust - the guilty desire for another's book not to read just to have. Please tell me I'mn ot the only one.

Jenny Girl said...

The title alone would draw me in. I do lust after books :) But I certainly don't need to add anymore to my list!

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Joanne said...

I agree the format wasn't the greatest. I skipped around while reading it - starting with the more interesting sections.