Question Web ButtonEveryone… gave me get-well-soon messages.

Thanks so much everyone :) I am resting as much as possible. Sleeping as much as possible as well (this is why MM was up a little late this week – oops!).

JessicaLeigh said... What did you think about To Kill A Mockingbird, Rebecca?; The Book Resort asked if I liked the movie

I loved it, absolutely loved it. I’m planning on writing up my reviews on the weekend as soon as I’ve finished up some assignments. I did watch the movie again after I’d read the book, but I prefer the book.

Elena said... How are you liking Fight Club so far?
It’s a strange book. I like how it’s written… but it’s a little unnerving. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

wendy said... Just think what your May list will look like now classes have finished!

I know!! One more day of classes! Just one! *does a little end-of-uni dance*

Ladytink_534 said... […] I re-read Inkheart and Betrayed in April too. Hope you pick it up again, LOVE this series!
I’m going to reborrow it when I go to the library next. Silly me for returning the wrong book.

gautami tripathy said that her new blog is over at everything distils into reading so head on over and change your bookmarks

The Book Resort said... What did you think of Jodi working Wonder Woman? Fun, huh?
I didn’t really know a lot about Wonder Woman (I wish I knew more about comics, but don’t really know much outside of X-Men or basic Spiderman). I’ll admit that I picked it up just because Jodi Picoult wrote it, but I LOVED it, I want to read more.


*anyone got a better idea for a title for comment answering… did that sentence even make sense?

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JessicaLeigh said...

So glad that you enjoyed the book! It really is a beautiful story! I haven't ever gotten around to watching the movie, though... I'll have to some day!

And I think the title is fitting. :)