Friday First… on a Wednesday?

Friday_FirstsOops, forgot to FF this week.
Last week we all contributed some words to make up a sentence. Wendy cobbled them together and we ended up with:
Andrew was worried about the piercing because the warning gave him a terrible sinking feeling that perhaps he shouldn’t have attempted  pierce that part of his anatomy on his own.
She says she’s going to write a short story from it. And I’ve got to say, I’m equal parts scared and eager to see what she comes up with.
Now for this week: grab the closest reading matter to hand and let us have a first line teaser.

Wax - The Accidental BestsellerKendall Aims’s writing career was about to  go down for the count on that Friday night in July as she hurried down Sixth Avenue toward the New York Hilton.
The Accidental Bestseller – Wendy Wax

I haven’t started this book yet, but it was the closest at hand.

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wendy said...

I do love books about books! this sounds interesting.